About Us


We're proof that God can use anyone to do great things for him.


Whether its singing, writing, teaching music, leading our family, trekking across the globe with our boys (in an RV or a plane), or serving our community we know we can make the world better. 

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How can we help you? Here are three ways we can help. 

One-on-One Class

Want to know more about RVing with your family? Book a One-on-One class to learn more. We can give you expert knowledge on what it takes to get started.

Coaching and Speaking on Worship.

Connect with Trent for ways to improve your church's worship music experience.

Private Event

Want to have Trent & Siobhán at your next event? Let's talk! This may be the most exciting button for you to click and the most joyful one for us to receive!

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