Trent & Siobhán Bio

Mar 25, 2024

Trent and Siobhán are a husband and wife singer/songwriter duo. They met at Christ For the Nations Bible Institute in Dallas, Texas in 1999 and have served believers all over the world in worship and music ever since. After 15 years in full-time pastoral ministry they sold everything they had and bought an RV to chase the Lord with their five boys on the adventure of a lifetime. The vision then was to see the church and be the church. For eight years they traveled all across the world on missions with their family, teaching worship music, and even performing their original songs of faith in campgrounds, venues, and homes.

They did a Fire and Fragrance discipleship training school at Youth With a Mission Kona and eventually staffed the ministry at University of the Nations Kona where Trent taught in the School of Worship and led the on-site ministry team called YWAM Kona Music which is known for songs like Missionary Anthem and Beautiful are the Feet through Integrity Music. Siobhán also taught at the missionary elementary school called the Learning Center.

It was during this season that the Walker family felt moved by the great commission to go and plant a new school in Central Virginia beginning with a clear directive by the Lord to re-introduce worshippers and musicianaries to the Bible again. They are still in the very beginning of this new initiative with a project called “Worship With the Word.” For more information visit: or