Ep. 2 - Holy Forever (by Chris Tomlin); Wait, This Song Doesn't Say Jesus?

In this episode, we delve into the powerful song "Holy Forever" by Chris Tomlin, a collaborative effort with renowned Christian music songwriters. The song stands as a unifying force, bringing together writers from different Christian denominations, symbolizing a musical expression that transcends theological boundaries for global worship. Reflecting on historical shifts and contemporary challenges, the podcast explores the song's scriptural roots, emphasizing the need to understand biblical references for a more profound worship experience. It challenges listeners to consider the purpose of singing such anthems and recommends reinforcing the name of Jesus after singing "Holy Forever" to enrich the worship experience. As we navigate the complexities of the current Christian landscape, the podcast encourages a perspective shift, focusing on the miraculous and unifying aspects of worship rather than succumbing to hopelessness.

Link to the YouTube video: Chris Tomlin - Holy Forever (Live) feat. Jenn & Brian Johnson

Link to the community and course: worshipwiththeword.com

My suggested songlist with scripture guides and talking points PDF: download here.