What is Advent? Hope for the World

Join the Walker family as we share our Christmas tradition of Advent with you this year! Yes, we're still in the RV.

Advent means “Light of God” coming into the world

One of the reasons that I like to think of Advent is the fact that it hasn’t been largely commercialized… yet.

  •  In American culture Santa has taken over and (though I love to see the ole Jolly soul dressed up in red and white) I love to talk about the reason for the season in the first place… Jesus. 
  •  What is nice about advent is that it begins four Sunday’s before Christmas and ushers in Christmas Day with the last candle being lit on Christmas Eve.
  •  Advent is also not a set-in-stone tradition that is the same everywhere. Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox traditions all have slight differences.
  •  For the sake of celebrating it (if you never have) I’d like to invite you to join me and my family as we celebrate this Christmas season.

Here’s what you’re going to need:

  •  Every Sunday this week you’ll gather around the dinner table with family and celebrate the themes of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.
  •  You’ll need a wreath 
    •  Advent wreath is circular (infinite love) made up of evergreen leaves (hope of eternal life).
  •  Three purple or blue candles (penance or hope and expectation)
  •  One pink candle (rejoicing)
  •  One white candle (purity)


So as we talk about Him as the Light of God coming into the world - There are three things that Advent reinforces as the center of Christmas:

    •  He came
    •  He is coming
    •  He comes to save us now


The reason why I like to drive this home is simply because we all know and can easily celebrate that Jesus Christ is born this day. And many of us know the hope we have in Heaven that He will come again. 

  •  But I think often times that we forget to see that He comes right now. His name is salvation. The angels sang, “Hosanna!” which means “Salvation Now”
    •  He hasn’t left us here to do life on our own
    •  He hasn’t called us to be alone
    •  He still does miracles today


What is the miracle you are believing for?