What Are We Singing?

Having been the leader of music and worship services all across the world from big venues, small home groups, to singing at campgrounds, radio, and bars I have to say 
“I love the church, I love the body of believers.” But I have to admit that when I hear some of the Christian Music on the radio and Worship Music in the Church today I often ask myself, “Do we even know what it is we are saying?” Join me weekly for funny and insightful dives into some of today's most popular music being sung inside and outside the church today. If you believe that what we say matters, then shouldn’t the words to what we sing matter as well? We’re going to take a look at: * the top rated worship songs in the church today and let you decide if it’s something we should be singing. * We’ll also take a look at some other songs and compare them to today’s pop culture music. * And we’ll be having commentaries and interviews from some experts and friends of mine who know a whole lot more than I do about all of this. If you’re a Christian and you love the church then this podcast is for you. I am always seeking to learn more about how to live the life of a believer. So what I say and what I sing matters! So if you’re anything like me you’ve been in church or you’ve been listening to the radio and you’ve said to yourself, “What Are We Singing?”