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WE CAN By Trent & Siobhán Walker Music recorded at Stereovision Studios in Nashville, TN Video filmed at Isaac Aaron Media Studios in Asheville, NC Thank you to Isaac Aaron Media for donating the production of this awesome music video! We had a blast hanging with you guys for two days and watching you put this whole thing together.

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"Fear" by Trent & Siobhán available for streaming on your favorite streaming service soon! This song is about the war between LOVE and FEAR. Fear is the opposite of faith, but love is the antidote to fear. "Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear."



As musicians, Trent and Siobhán spent a lot of time traveling before they got into the RV lifestyle. They loved it, but missed their kids. Now they and their five boys (yes, five!) travel full time and spread a good news message-all while living an adventure everyday.