When Trent and Siobhán came to Guatemala on a mission trip their hearts for people and for worship really shone through. Thanks for coming to help reach Guatemala!
— Michael Shed,

Siobhan with an á....and..."how do I say that?"

Siobhan with an á....and..."how do I say that?"

So, I was sitting in the "greenroom" during a service the other day with my friends at Fair Haven Church and we got on the subject of names with accents in them.  I chimed in and said, "My name has an accent in it, I just don't use it."  At that moment, I heard a huge gasp from across the room large enough to suck the air out of the entire space.  It was my good friend, Daneen (aka Neenr) expressing complete shock over the fact that I had been given a name that can be spelled with an accent and that I wasn't using it.  She demanded that I absolutely must start using it right away and so I have now given into her demands and have updated our webpage to include the accent on my very traditional Irish name.  

And for those who are looking at the name, accent or not, and saying "Whaaaa???"  It is of Gaelic origin and is pronounced Shi-vawn.  If you still are unsure, check out this recent segment on Late Night with Steven Colbert where Saoirse Ronan tries to teach Steven to speak with an Irish accent and talks about her name (pronounced Seer-sha) as well as other Gaelic words and names, including mine.  In fact, my name is the only one Steven already knew how to pronounce.  So proud...Steven Colbert knows my name :)

Oh, and Daneen....maybe you should start spelling your name Danēn ;)

Final Tweaks

We're getting down to the final tweaks of the new project "We Can" and we're so excited! 


We've decided to run four songs. There was a good debate if we should run five but just didn't feel strong enough about the fifth. Finally, we came to the conclusion that you'll just have to come to a love event to see and hear the fifth one. 


Everyone has a vision for you

Fear is a liar that will destroy every chance you have at success. I think I would be more concerned if that voice of fear didn’t pop up every once in a while. That would mean I am not taking chances and would not even have a shot at doing something spectacular. You just have to learn to put it in its place.
— Siobhan Walker

The truth is that everyone has a vision for you.  Your family and your friends who just want "what's best" for you.  That has to be placed in the light of Jesus.  What is His vision for you?  What is He saying to you?  What does the word of God say?  Where does His still small voice speak His peace to you?  

The LORD had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.
— Genesis 12:1

Fairfax, VA

 "Thanks to Trent and Siobhan for sharing their passion for worship and breathtaking talent. Each time they lead, they bring us deep in to the presence of Christ.”

Rod StaffordSenior Pastor, Fairfax Community Church

Gearing up for East Coast

We've got a super heavy schedule that we're gearing up for in April. One thing that we still need to accomplish is where to get our domicile at. This is something that most people don't know. When you claim that you are a full-time RVer you can claim residency in any of the fifty states. We've been back and forth between Texas and Florida because of state income tax, vehicle registration and homeschooling laws. We've got the week after Easter to do something. It's down to the wire and we still don't feel like we've done enough homework on it yet. But we will keep you posted on what we do.  

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife Siobhan. I'm so lucky to hae you and live life with you. Thank you for twelve awesome years and many more ahead. I love making music with you!

Two down, one to go!

Today was RV clean up and maintenance day. It's nice to take the time on the task list to get some little things done. Because the little things add up if you don't tackle them one at a time. Like the only way to eat an elephant - one bite at a time. I wasn't able to finish one because I've got to get a special part in. But having a house on wheels needs to be maintained. 

A few weeks ago, on our way down to Nashville, I started noticing the wind was unusually loud up by my drivers side window. I kept thinking the window was open.  Turns out a poor installment of the windshield this past year resulted in the seal completely coming off on one of the corners of the windshield. I discovered this somewhere around Indianapolis. I caulked it up immediately but knew that I would need to do a proper repair on this soon. So glad it's done because I had a piece of duct tape keeping the rain out. 

The other one will give you a little glimpse into our life with five little boys on the rig. The passenger seat arm rest was getting consistently used for a jungle gym. And it almost fell off before I got to it. But I hadn't gotten to it for weeks. So we have this beautiful RV that we've been driving down the road with duct tape on the windshield and a missing arm rest on the passenger side. 

I'm saying all of this just because it feels good to take a little pride in the things God has given you. The gentleman that I bought this boat from took such good care of it I just wanted to carry on that joy. 

Flower Mound, TX

I’m super grateful for my friendship with Trent and Siobhan. They have been an encouragement to me in so many different areas including leadership, songwriting and life!
— Ben Moreno, Worship Pastor, Valley Creek Church

Life is Precious

We just had the privilege of sharing music with a family for the funeral of their loved one this week.  It's so wonderful being a part of the celebration of a life lived well.  It made me think of my Dad.  I realize that not many people have that type of dynamic in their life.  Siobhan and I are blessed with amazing fathers on both sides of our family and we are so grateful for that.  My grandfather was an atheist but my dad changed all of that when he gave his life to Jesus.  To see the legacy that my father and Siobhan's father are living for our kids is something truly special.  It makes me say that I want to be that kind of grandparent some day.

Chicago, IL

Our church had a wonderful experience working with Trent and Siobhan. They are not only excellent musicians, they are very engaging, and energetic. They have a deep passion for worshiping the Lord and leading others to do the same. Our congregation loved having them here and they were a real blessing to us.
— John Vandervelde, Executive Pastor, Glen Ellyn Bible Church

Writing collaboration

It is so important for today's worship leaders to keep writing. Don't just let someone else write the song of the church for you. God gave you that mantle and mandate to scribe the song of your church for the people he has sent you to serve. Find their stories. Write them. Sing about them. Include them.  

Tonight we spent two hours in a writers circle with other worshippers and worship leaders and we shared the songs that God is birthing in our hearts and theirs.  

It is so beneficial to do this with your worship team and other worship leaders in your community. Don't be afraid. And definitely don't create with pride.  Nobody needs that. What we all need is to hear the voice of God together and celebrate. 

Church is everywhere

Church is everywhere

I just love to see creative things that people of God are doing in the church today. I'm sure mobile church isn't a new thing, but a life on the road means, often times, men and women who do not know God would not have an opportunity or place where they could hear the truth of the gospel. Ministries like this exist to be yet another beacon of light to a somewhat "unchurched" group of people and we think that's awesome! 

Getting ready for Easter

We are just coming back from a small tour out to Nashville, then DC and back to Michigan again.  Thankful that the weather is beautiful.  We're now getting this site all ready and starting to line up some more connections with people and churches.

I like calling them connections rather than a network or a booking because to me it feels more personal.  I would like to be calling them friends and the more we connect the more that becomes a reality.  Since Siobhan and I began this journey we have said that we would "live simply so that others could simply live."  

So we, with our family of seven, are coming to be a blessing to you with the gift that God has given us, to be a help and a friend and speak the love of Jesus Christ to the kingdom of God.