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Selma, Alabama

“Come along sons, let me tell you about what happened here...”

We must tell our children about the past so that they can understand the price of freedom and so they can know that many battles have been won, but the war for freedom for all is far from over. We must be willing to lay down our lives for the freedom of others and come alongside in the battles ahead. We can’t wait for our schools to teach our children because they either can’t (for lack of time or resources) or won’t.

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What we as parents learned in school about the events of the civil rights movement was only the tiny tip of a massive iceberg that we still need to uncover and understand ourselves.

In a generation when more than half of young adults don’t know what Auschwitz was and black men are being arrested for simply sitting in Starbucks, we as parents need to wake up and realize we are doing our children a huge disservice if we aren’t talking about what happened before us and what is happening still today. As George Santanaya once so wisely said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” We have no excuse.

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So, you can’t bring your children to Selma and walk the walk that led to the hospitalization of 50 non-violent protesters and began the 60-mile journey on foot to the Alabama State Capital in Montgomery which eventual led to their ability to exercise their legal right to vote? That’s okay! Take a few moments at the dinner table to ask your kids what they know and fill in the gaps. Have conversations and keep the past alive so that it can be carried into the future and bring change.

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