There is a lot to be said, so where do we start? When we began our journey in the RV three and a half years ago, our goal was to discover the heart of God, to see the Church and be the Church.

People choose the full-time RV life for many different reasons. Some seek adventure, some want to save money, some desire to live with less and minimize their possessions in order to maximize living. For us, it was to chase after the heart of God. Sure we still have our fun and adventure, we live very frugally in our RV for a family our size and minimalism is par for the course. But oh, there was so much more. We wanted our hearts to grow bigger. The more we saw with our eyes the beauty of North America, the more we saw the people who live and dwell in the lands that we visited. The more we spent time with the people, the more our hearts grew with compassion to share the life and the love of Jesus with people everywhere.


What’s New?

There's a joy in sharing a song with people. That's what we get to do. But it's so much more than that. It's inspiring people to take their own leap of faith and believe that if God said it then it's going to happen so just enjoy the journey.

Over this past year we have come to fall in love with this community of people at YWAM whose hearts are so fully devoted to making the world a better place by seeking to know God and make Him known throughout the earth.
Upon graduating from the DTS (Dicipleship Training School) program, we felt God was saying to us that the next season for us would be a season of total family unity. While we were spending time with our friends that we joined up with for the Great Gospel Caravan (GGC) we felt such a peace in the confirmation that each one of our boys (Siobhan and I also) felt we were supposed to go back and serve at this mission base that is full of young people who desire to take that leap of faith.

We asked our friends on our prayer team and our partnering churches and our friends at the YWAM base in Kona, Hawaii if they would pray and seek God about whether or not we should come back and serve. It was only a matter of weeks before both Siobhan and I were invited to come and join the staff of the School of Worship at the University of the Nations, YWAM Kona. And we said, "YES!"

When we told the kids they were so excited! They will be schooling in a co-op of sorts with other homeschoolers on the base and we are hoping to be living right on base, at least for the summer months. Our staffing position doesn't technically start until September, but we will be headed back to Hawaii on July 9th to settle into the community.

Now, I know you're all asking the same question...what about the RV? We don't believe that we are supposed to sell the RV at this time. In fact, we have blessed with an offer to store it in a climate-controlled garage in Michigan away from the elements.


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We believe the storage for the RV is just another confirmation of God's hand of provision on this next leap of faith for us.

Now... being asked to be on staff with YWAM and the University of the Nations is just a fancy way of saying to qualified people, "would you lay down your life to serve the young people who desire to chase after God by becoming a missionary yourself?"

That means there is no compensation for being on staff. Each staff member at U of N Kona is required to raise their own support. So we are asking everyone who receives this newsletter if you would pray and ask God if He would lead you to consider being part of supporting our family monthly as full-time missionaries. Your prayers and financial support are crucial to us being able to continue serving the Lord on a full time basis.

We know that God is for us and there is no fear moving forward. Even as I write this I'm reminding myself that God has brought us this far and He is true to His promises.

Patreon is a super easy way to give monthly with perks of exclusive videos, music and more. And it allows us to have a better idea of what we can count on coming in monthly.

Patreon is a super easy way to give monthly with perks of exclusive videos, music and more. And it allows us to have a better idea of what we can count on coming in monthly.

How Can You Pray?

  • Pray for safety for our travel. We are headed up to Michigan to fly out from Detroit and we need everything with storing the RV to go smoothly. Got tips for long-term RV storage? Send them our way!

  • Pray for the finances. I feel like I'm a broken record in saying that I know God will provide because He always does. Even though we will be on "staff" at YWAM that doesn't mean that we are paid staff. We will be serving, like all of YWAM, as missionary staff and are responsible for raising our own support. We are currently receiving less than half of the monthly funds necessary to be able to support our family as missionaries. It seems scary, but God said go and he's already provided the plane tickets to get there. Like Lilian Trasher, the famous orphanage Mother of the Nile, from Egypt said, "as soon as you have three bricks, start building!"

  • Pray for housing. Currently the housing department on base is going through a staff changeover and we have not received word about whether or not we are able to have housing on base. We leave in less than two weeks. This won't be the first time in our journey that provision came down to the wire, but still, please pray that housing would be arranged before we leave...lol!

  • Last year we began praying that our kids would be able to go to kids camp somewhere in the summer of 2019 (as they have not been since we went on the road full time 3 years ago). As you can imagine, sending five boys to kids camp can be a very costly thing. But we noticed after we bought our tickets to the base that there is a kids camp hosted by the school and the cost is $360 for all of our boys to go. That is amazingly cheap for our size family and yet still a little out of our reach. So we are asking for prayers that we will have provision to send our kids to kids camp.

If you feel God leading you to support Trent & Siobhan financially, you can make tax-deductible donations at: