We started out by lining up our tour dates based on four anchors.  Chicago | DC | Dallas | Seattle.  For various reasons some known and some unknown to us three of these anchors dropped out on us.

Meanwhile our time with Fair Haven in Grand Rapids was only for six months and Pastor Greg asked us every week if we would consider staying on permanently.  We had already knew that God had called us to this path and this road and we knew that even if the schedule didn’t line-up for us to share this message of hope and taking leaps of faith (like we are) we were still to stay the course.  That meant not leading Fair Haven on and also meant for us to continue to do what we sought out to do here which was to develop leaders from within and bring in new fresh perspective from the outside as well as rebuild trust for the congregation to worship again.  We did all that and they have hired our friend Craig Aven who starts in August.  That said, we didn’t know about our tour schedule getting wiped out until after Craig had been hired.

Stay the course.  We knew that we had been called to go into the world and share the love of Christ.  We feel we do this with the church first.  And given our simple life in an RV we also knew and felt that we should be aiming to be farther south by the time winter comes.  (Watch us talk about all of this on video)

We are still booking and our plan is to line up dates in the Georgia, South Carolina, Florida area for Winter/Spring of 2017.

So here’s where we are sharing our plan with you and asking for you to pray with us.  We have brought this before the Lord and shared this with our coaches and mentors.  

After we play in Chicago we are moving our family to Nashville.

We will be continuing to write for our next project.  Our hope is to meet and write with as many people in the Christian music industry as possible.  Our goal is to get our music on Christian Radio as a way to open up doors for us to speak the life-giving message of Christ to the world.  We know this is a bold move.  Every leap of faith is usually followed up by the thought that that is crazy.  Lots of people move to Nashville in hopes that their dreams would come true.  Lots of up and downs.  So we felt that we would do this YouTube channel so that you could see our journey along the way and be a part of it.  Celebrate with us in our wins and pray with us in our failures.

I hope that you have picked up the album We Can, if not please do so.  That helps us out a ton.  It is streaming now on all major platforms.  But that doesn't pay a lot.  If you buy the actual physical album it blesses us more than you can imagine.  Either way - we are grateful to get it in your ears and heart.  It helps spread the message of hope to people everywhere.  I also have one last goal this week.  We need 100 Subscribers to our youtube Channel in order for us to be able to claim a URL.  That means an easy way to brand like youtube.com/trentandsiobhan.  So help us reach that goal.