We had such a wild day this week. Everyone has those times when everything goes wrong. You stop and say, "God, what's going on here?  Is there a reason maybe that we shouldn't leave today?"  You have really listen if the answer is to not go. But then there are the times like yesterday when you know, and there is confirmation, that you have to go and the answer is to pray because God wants to reveal something to you and the enemy is trying to stop those plans.  

Trent had read the book "Look & Live" by Matt Papa and he continues to reference that book in times like these.  It's this belief that if we look to God then we will see his glory revealed in the things that would try to steal our joy.  

It's been great to live this life where we are passionately pursuing the gospel and telling the story. Living in an RV so that others could be inspired by the leap of faith that we are taking. 

There is another side of it that is always nagging at us. It's called fear. Fear that God will not provide. That's crazy right!?  That paycheck that is Americans all strive to get. What if that isn't there?   

Our prayer for you today is to take a leap of faith. We are. And we have chosen to see the goodness of the Lord like the sparrow.  

Thanks to all of you who are praying for us. Pray that we can continue to tell the story and inspire like wildfire. That our needs and our children's needs would be provided for, that doors of opportunity would continue to open for us to speak loudly the good news.