So, I was sitting in the "greenroom" during a service the other day with my friends at Fair Haven Church and we got on the subject of names with accents in them.  I chimed in and said, "My name has an accent in it, I just don't use it."  At that moment, I heard a huge gasp from across the room large enough to suck the air out of the entire space.  It was my good friend, Daneen (aka Neenr) expressing complete shock over the fact that I had been given a name that can be spelled with an accent and that I wasn't using it.  She demanded that I absolutely must start using it right away and so I have now given into her demands and have updated our webpage to include the accent on my very traditional Irish name.  

And for those who are looking at the name, accent or not, and saying "Whaaaa???"  It is of Gaelic origin and is pronounced Shi-vawn.  If you still are unsure, check out this recent segment on Late Night with Steven Colbert where Saoirse Ronan tries to teach Steven to speak with an Irish accent and talks about her name (pronounced Seer-sha) as well as other Gaelic words and names, including mine.  In fact, my name is the only one Steven already knew how to pronounce.  So proud...Steven Colbert knows my name :)

Oh, and Daneen....maybe you should start spelling your name Danēn ;)