Today was RV clean up and maintenance day. It's nice to take the time on the task list to get some little things done. Because the little things add up if you don't tackle them one at a time. Like the only way to eat an elephant - one bite at a time. I wasn't able to finish one because I've got to get a special part in. But having a house on wheels needs to be maintained. 

A few weeks ago, on our way down to Nashville, I started noticing the wind was unusually loud up by my drivers side window. I kept thinking the window was open.  Turns out a poor installment of the windshield this past year resulted in the seal completely coming off on one of the corners of the windshield. I discovered this somewhere around Indianapolis. I caulked it up immediately but knew that I would need to do a proper repair on this soon. So glad it's done because I had a piece of duct tape keeping the rain out. 

The other one will give you a little glimpse into our life with five little boys on the rig. The passenger seat arm rest was getting consistently used for a jungle gym. And it almost fell off before I got to it. But I hadn't gotten to it for weeks. So we have this beautiful RV that we've been driving down the road with duct tape on the windshield and a missing arm rest on the passenger side. 

I'm saying all of this just because it feels good to take a little pride in the things God has given you. The gentleman that I bought this boat from took such good care of it I just wanted to carry on that joy.