Yesterday I had the privilege to make a guest interview on the Family Man Show with Todd Wilson and Scott Moore!  I just wanted to take a moment today to encourage dad's everywhere to be finding and seeking out inspiration for being the best dad you can be.  This ministry has really helped my life and encouraged me weekly (through their podcast) to continue pursuing God and putting family next in everything we do.

I had some people say to me, ‘if something better came up, I would take it’ and I just wrestled with that and I felt like God was saying to me ‘look, nothing better is ever going to come up until you grab it and seize it.’
— Trent Walker, the Family Man Show Podcast

Sometimes there's just people you talk to and feel like you are right at home with and that's how Todd made me feel the first day I met him.  Siobhán gives a brief snapshot into how this ministry has blessed her in our main video on our front page.  I hope that you go and subscribe to his podcast and if your ever able to hear Todd speak I want to encourage that as well.  Not because I've been told to but simply because I do the same myself.