In today's ever growing digital economy, entrepreneurs are popping up everywhere making a decent living right from the comfort of their living room.  The playing field has expanded significantly as well.  In the world of music (especially Christian music), artists are frantically looking for new ways to earn an income.  CD's don't sell anymore.  Even digital music doesn't sell much anymore.  Everyone is streaming.  I feel like singing Video Killed the Radio Star.  Except now it is - streaming killed the recording artist.  Everywhere I look I see a new podcast opening up.  Which is great.  It is something.  We hope to do a podcast someday soon as well.

Preach the gospel, and if necessary, use words
— Francis of Assisi

 It's advertiser driven rather than fan driven though.  Which brings us to Youtube.  Yes, it is advertiser driven, but there is something very personal about it that we enjoy so much.  Plus, if we never get any subscribers it really doesn't matter.  We are on a journey of a lifetime and I want our kids to remember it.  If we can turn it into something fun for other people to watch too.  That's even better.  Because the message of the good news of Jesus Christ comes through in everything we do.  Our daily vlog on Youtube is just an extension of that.  It is more about who we are than the music we do.  Don't get me wrong.  We love the music and we love to share the message.  But if we just simply live a life that is different, then the love of Christ is spoken louder than words.